Botanical Style Florals
Watercolour Workshop

NEXT: 23 of March, 2019


This 4 hours workshop is suitable for both beginners and those with a bit more experience in the watercolour technique.

This class will start off with going through the different tools and materials that can be used when painting. Then you will learn the basic techniques of watercolour by doing some easy and fun exercises that will help you to understand and experiment with the fluidity of the paint and see for yourself the results that can be achieved with it.

Once you have gone through this material, you will paint a flower that will be given to you already traced. This will allow you to practice and understand the techniques that you've already learned by applying them to floers, stems, leaves, shading and layering. You will really enjoy the process of painting without the worries that can sometimes come during the drawing stage.

To continue your watercolour journey, each student will receive a complete set of materials to take home!

The set will include:

  • A set of Windsor and Newton watercolours

  • 2 Watercolour brushes

  • Cold-pressed watercolour paper

  • A printed handbook with some explanations, exercises and 4 flowers to trace.