Digital technologies have greatly increased the creative possibilities when it comes to designing and developing prints. When combined with manual techniques, the possibilities are endless.

This course aims to develop a creative and practical understanding of print design, applied to the fields of fashion, home and stationery.

 Course content

  • Inspiration and references: We will have a look at different trend boards and sources of inspiration that will guide your design process.

  • Creation and manipulation of images: We will explore a couple of techniques with different materials that will guide you on the creation of a specific style of your choice that you will develop at home at your own pace.

  • Adjustments and transformations: Once the images are digitalized we will proceed to design our print and will explore the different computer tools that will help us develop our print and explore different colourways.

  • Preparation of rapports and its different formats.

  • Preparation of files and CAD appliances.

  • Requirements: Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, intermediate level onwards. Laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator programs installed.  

  • Note: in this course we will develop our patterns in Adobe Photoshop.


This course will take place in my studio located in Stratford- East London. It’s a must that you bring your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop and have a basic knowledge of it.

For course information and top tips get in touch below.